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Police e-Beat and GPS Tracking & Fleet Management


Security and safety of public is always a prime concern for a peaceful society and business growth in a country. Beat Operation is a very important activity of every police station. There are designated police officers in every police station and they are supposed to visit some sensitive areas regularly in every few hours and remain their for particular duration . Beating is a continuous process and it is treated like a heartbeat of the police department.

It was always a concern and challenging to monitor the beat operation as the department would never get to know whether the designated police officer is doing his duty properly or not. Instant information of any such incident to police department is very important to take the reactive action. This issue is common across the country in both rural and urban areas.

The system comprise of GPS Tracking devices attached to the patrol vehicles as well as app installed on the patrol officer's mobile phone.

The key features of e-beat, Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Solution

  • Beat Management
  • Police Beat App
  • Fleet Management
  • GPS Tracking and Live Monitoring
  • Route Management
  • Trip Management
  • Asset Management and Monitoring
  • Gen Set Tracking & Fuel monitoring
  • Fuel Management
  • Tyre & Battery Management
  • Expense Management
  • Driver Management
  • Bulk SMS Facility
  • Bulk E-mail Facility
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Operational & Non-Operational Alerts
  • E-mail / SMS Alert Notifications
  • Table / Graphical & BI Reports

The key Benefits of School Student Transportation and Fleet Management Solution

For officers

  • Visibility of patrol vehicles.
  • Safety and security for your assets.
  • Monitoring of officers assigned in each beat.
  • Enforcing safe driving habits through monitoring the drivers' driving habits regularly.
  • Eliminate downtime and unforeseen repairs with scheduled maintenance alerts and reports.
  • Provide ridership with real-time vehicle locations via computer, Smartphone, and standard text messaging.
  • Alerts on engine on/off, over-speed, harsh breaking, idling, geo-fencing etc.
  • Track any asset like Vehicles, Generator Sets, Employees etc.
  • Backed by Customer Care/ BPO Services.