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Corporate Employee Transportation and Fleet Management


The bigger the company, the more complex the business. We realize that, and at MFS , we have worked for over a decade to develop comprehensive fleet management systems that not only reduce the costs of managing large fleets, but also reduce complexity. MFS has best GPS-based fleet management systems for large-scale deployment, and we take great pride in our ability to provide the best technology, the most relevant solutions, and the best value to our clients.

My Fleet Services Corporate Employee Transportation Solution with Fleet management and GPS tracking provides an end-to-end solution for safe and secure employee transportation. It is an integrated suite with Fleet management GPS Tracking and Fleet View, Zoning and Geo-fencing, Employee Login and Cab Request Module, Route Management, Stop Management, Trip Management, Request Management, Employee Swipe, Cab Request Dispatch Module, Automated Billing, Reporting, and Women Security preference features. The system benefits corporate transport administrator, employees, aggregators and cab vendors as well.

The key features of Corporate Employee Transportation FMS

  • Fleet Management
  • GPS Tracking and Live Monitoring Route Management
  • Trip Management
  • Asset Management and Monitoring
  • Fuel Management
  • Tyre & Battery Management
  • Expense Management
  • Driver Management
  • Student Management
  • Employee Swipe and Attendance Integration
  • Employee Login and Cab Request Module
  • Bulk SMS Facility
  • Bulk E-mail Facility
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Operational & Non-Operational Alerts
  • E-mail / SMS Alert Notifications
  • Table / Graphical & BI Reports

The key benefits of Corporate Employee Transportation FMS

For Administrators

  • Safety and security for your corporate fleet and employees.
  • Reduce over speeding and improve driver and passengers safety.
  • Eliminate down time and unforeseen repairs with scheduled maintenance alerts and reports.
  • Build and customize vehicle route maps for viewing of real-time vehicle locations.
  • Trip Programs and ad-hoc trip creations.
  • Electronic Trip Sheet
  • Reduce late or early arrivals/departures from scheduled pickup/drop points.
  • Ensure adherence to fixed-route schedules via headway reports and alerts.
  • SMS alerts to employees when vehicle reaches previous pickup stop.
  • Reports can be easily generated by custom periods, for examples, by week or by months. Reports can be saved in pdf, excel formats to view, send through emails. Trip reports, complaint reports, performance reports, are only some from our predefined list.
  • Alerts on engine on/off, over-speed, harsh breaking, idling etc.
  • Geo-fencing and zoning alerts.
  • Renewal alerts-license renewal, vehicle registration, insurance, emission check etc.
  • Employee, vehicle, driver management.
  • Backed by Customer Care/ BPO Services.

For Employees

  • SMS alerts to employees when vehicle reaches previous pickup stop.
  • Employees can request cabs through their logins and Administrator can allot schedule trip and cabs in particular routes
  • Women Safety emphasized by checking whether employee accompanied (male companion or escort) or not
  • Provision to request escort required, no first pickup and no last drop etc for odd hour shifts..
  • Employee app with SOS alert
  • Sms and e-mails with map links to view in real time, can be shared with friends and relatives
  • Outbound SMS and e-mails services.

For Vendor

  • Vendor logins to manage fleet
  • Assign employees to vehicle and create trip
  • Electronic Trip Sheet